• Development and improvement of the HR Analytics capability

Developing and improving the HR Analytics capability at a major international bank

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Assignment | Support the HR organisation with drawing up a roadmap for taking the HR Analytics capability to the next level. In addition, ensure the development of relevant employees with regard to the necessary capabilities. First make the impact of HR Analytics on the business results visible by designing, selecting and executing two HR Analytics pilots.

Approach | In close cooperation with our workforce analytics partner iNostix (Belgium) we determined the current and future HR Analytics capability for six critical domains by means of a proven method. Then, expert advice was provided regarding the required quality and availability of data, systems, competences, IT infrastructure and structure & governance in the form of a practically implementable roadmap. In addition, various training programmes were designed and executed together with the (international) actors who have responsibilities stemming from their role within the organisation’s HR Analytics programme. These programmes include a real-life HR analytics case, A custom-made interactive online training programme and an awareness session with the international HR management team. Moreover, on the basis of the HR Analytics pilot selection criteria relevant pilots were identified and set up to determine the concrete impact of HR Analytics on the business results.

Business Impact | A practically implementable roadmap was delivered, which the organisation will be rolling out to increase the organisation-wide HR Analytics capability at the predetermined level. Critical actors within the HR Analytics programme have successfully completed training programmes required to implement the HR Analytics programme. Under expert guidance, two pilots were executed and the first impact of HR Analytics on the business results was demonstrated.

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Development and improvement of the HR Analytics capability

Bright & Company’s analytics experts have determined the current and desired capabilities within various HR Analytics domains, in cooperation with its workforce analytics partner iNostix. Following that, a roadmap was drawn up containing expert advice regarding (viable) HR Analytics ambitions, practical steps to be taken and the preconditions necessary to attain them. In addition, key HR Analytics people within the organisation were provided with training programmes. Two HR Analytics pilots were done to indicate the impact of human capital on the business results.


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Multiple HR Analytics Pilots were developed and executed in close coöperation with the client, with the purpose of better connecting HR and the business in achieving strategic goals. Included was the set-up of an integrated data warehouse, performing advanced analysis (pilots), as well as development and execution of an HR Analytics course for HR Business Partners.