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Since 2005, Bright & Company | People Strategy is the leading strategic consultancy that enables you to solve issues in the field of People, Work and Organization. Together with you, we realize 'irreparable improvements' in your organization. With dedication we sink our teeth into complex questions so that your organization remains successful.
Since 2020, Bright & Company | People Strategy is part of the Galan Groep.
Meet the people behind Bright & Company.

Optimistic | Accurate | Analytical solution oriented

Anne Roefs (1995) is part of Bright & Company since 2019. As junior consultant she focuses on the interface between people analytics and people strategy. At the beginning of 2019 she obtained her master’s degree in Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University. This study taught her that employees’ satisfaction and motivation are essential in contributing to the success of organizations.


Having gained working experience in a big financial multinational as well as a smaller self-managing organization, she learned that is important for organisations to strive for an efficient implementation of the company vision via HR practices to the everyday practice. Moreover, she is convinced that people analytics is not a goal in itself, rather it’s a means to adequately achieve organizational success.  With her analytical view on complex matters she wants to help organizations with the development of data-driven solutions aimed at realizing their strategic ambitions.

In her spare time, she likes to read, travel, go out with friends and discover new music at concerts. She also loves to do outdoor activities: from swimming to hiking and skiing.


Curious | Critical | Goal-oriented

Emma van Wissen (1994) joined Bright & Company in 2018. The previous year she finished her Master’s Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Leiden. This background ensures that in complicated issues Emma has attention for the people but will not lose the goal out of sight.
During her studies and several internships at large public and private institutions, Emma’s fascination for people on the work floor took shape. How can you stimulate people to excel, while valuing and motivating them optimally? Due to her open and sharp approach to cases she will not quickly be convinced by the sentence “it has always been done that way”.
In her spare time, Emma is often with friends. She enjoys cooking for them and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Another way Emma likes to relax is by visiting a theatre or a nice concert.
Fréderique Speckman


People-oriented | Creative | Interested

For Fréderique Speckman (1970) it’s all about a focus on people. This started when at an early age, she worked for one of the biggest grocery stores in the Netherlands. However, over the years, the focus of client projects she works on has changed from solely retail projects to individual and organizational change questions.

Fréderique has a big interest in people and their development. With her questions, analytical focus and creativity, she knows how to unravel complex issues. Through a calm and enthusiastic approach she knows how to create a trusted environment in which true attention can be given to people and their work. The solutions she provides are practical and can be put to use quickly.

She enjoys exploring and traveling together with her husband and their two daughters. Cooking is also one of her favorite activities, alongside enjoying good food and quality time with friends.  

Since 2016 Fréderique has joined Bright as an associate. She studied Architecture at the Technische Universiteit Delft and completed masterclasses at Human Quality Management in Gent (Belgium). Next to this, she is a Clarity trainer, in which she guides individuals and groups in their journeys. After starting her career as an architect for Ahold and having transitioned into consultancy in 2003 with her move to Stamhuisgroup, she has worked as an independent consultant and coach since 2013.  

Klaas Schouwstra


Innovative | Mobilising | Connecting

For Klaas Schouwstra (1967) change, implementation and optimisation has always been part of his DNA. After having completed several projects in organizational development, he’s fulfilled several HR roles for the Beiersdorf Group. During the many change projects he worked on, his fascination for the interplay between business, technical and human domains has never left him.

Since several years now, Klaas has developed a focus for optimizing HR functions. He enjoys working on projects aimed at professionalizing the HR department and/or optimizing the use of e-HRM functionalities. His talent is to create impact in those situations where the more business/technical focus and the organizational/people focus meet, and to help integrate them in order to create sustainable change.

His family means the world to him. With two smart kids and his wife he is more than happy. He stays in shape by doing fitness and spinning, and he enjoys various types of music with his friends by visiting concerts. From Gregorian to Metal; Klaas is into it.

Since 2016 Klaas joined Bright as an associate. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics and a Master degree in HRM. Furthermore he completed a post doctorate in change management. HR Organisation Effectiveness is his passion.

Martine de Munck
Office Manager
+31 (0)6 2712 9450

Proactive | Service-oriented | Office Hub

Martine (1964) has joined Bright & Company from 1st of September 2014. As Office Manager she supports both partners and consultants in their daily work. She is also responsible that everything is running smooth at the office.

Martine has over 30 years working experience as a secretary, and worked as an Executive Assistant in a consultancy organisation in the past 26 years. Martine likes to ‘nurture’ the people whom she is working with, and to ease workload for her colleagues. 
Her strength is to set dates for meetings and appointments that are difficult or complex to plan. Her work is her passion.
In her private life she spends a lot of time with her family (consisting of her husband Cor, and their two children Joost and Lisa, and Akuma the dog.) Every week, she does fitness exercises, and she loves to cook for friends and family. Organising cosy and joyful trips with and for friends and family gives her a lot of energy. Her favourite holiday destination is Greece. Her family’s goal is to discover a new Greek Island every year.

Energetic | Conscientious | Involved

Odette van Son (1973) helps organizations, teams and managers/professionals in realizing successful transformations. “What drives you?” This question is essential in understanding people and organizations, in order to allow talent, teams and companies to excel. Odette mobilizes the potential of an organization and creates an environment of trust so that a team or organization keeps developing, even after her departure. 


Odette has more than fifteen years of experience in a variety of management positions in the financial sector. She managed many major culture and change programs and was a trusted sparring partner at boardroom level. Always with a focus on results and with attention for what drives people or what keeps them from acting. She started specializing more and more in the people side of change. For instance, during the integration of ABN AMRO and Fortis, she was responsible for the culture and leadership development of the new bank and, together with her team, developed targeted interventions to achieve the desired culture.

In her opinion, personal leadership is an important key to successful transformation. When people are willing and able to change, it inspires others to do the same. In 2014, out of her passion for the change management specialization, she became an independent entrepreneur. This gives her energy to help others to make a difference and - in doing so - sharing her experience in change processes. In September 2018, she joined Bright & Company as a partner where she works as transformation advisor, change manager, team facilitator and executive coach.

Odette creates an open, trustful environment in which room is created for creativity, collaboration and feedback. She can quickly identify what is going on and is not afraid to discuss the “elephant in the room”. She is a true foody; loves great conversations during a delicious meal, likes spending time in nature and has a passion for cooking. Her hobbies include cycling, swimming, traveling and good music.

Odette graduated in business administration at the Nyenrode Business University (Master Degree). In 1996, she started her career at ING Group, where she held management positions in the field of sales, marketing and consultancy. In 2006, she made the switch to ABN AMRO Private Banking as Head of Marketing and Communication and in 2010 she was appointed as Manager Program Development Change & Integration. Since 2014, she has been active as an independent entrepreneur. In 2017, she graduated as coach at the MMS Institute, an accredited program by the International Coaching Federation.


Passionate | People-oriented | Involved

Richard Jongenotter (1971) has been working as an organisational consultant for more than 20 years. He specialises in successfully implementing changes in organisations, combining a rational approach with a relational approach. Examples of the kind of rational issues that Richard is often asked to work on are an accurate diagnosis, a clear (business) vision and strategy, the setting up of organisations and drawing up strategies for change.

In addition, Richard specialises in linking relational aspects to rational issues, such as team guidance, development of personal leadership competences and coaching management aimed at letting employees move along in the direction of the desired outcome. He does so in the capacity of advisor, trainer and mentor, often as programme or change manager.

His approach is squarely aimed at getting results. Richard holds a clear mirror up to his clients, motivating them for constructive behaviour. Personable and involved, he makes connections between people without losing sight of the optimum result. Richard works for (international) private and public organisations.

Richard’s sources of inspiration are many: travelling the African continent, photography, art and gardening. One day, he hopes to combine these inspirations with his work of guiding managers in their change tasks at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Richard is a managing partner at Bright & Company. He studied business administration in Nijmegen and completed a Master’s course in psycho-analysis at Human Quality Management in Ghent. He began his career in 1993 at KPMG Consulting. In 2003, KPMG Consulting was absorbed into Atos Consulting under the banner of Atos Origin. Until 2010, Richard was a partner of the People & Change advisory group there. In 2010 he switched to Bright & Company.


Constructive | Analytical | Innovative

Rob van Dijk (1981) is an experienced and passionate consultant. He enjoys working on challenging issues together and achieving growth in organizations and individuals. Rob has a penchant for innovation and typical for Rob is his drive to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Continuous research and cooperation to achieve progress is what he stands for. In his approach he brings expertise as well as execution power and acts as a partner in crime with a critical attitude.

Clients appreciate Rob for his analytical and critical view combined with a people-oriented approach. With a background in organizational psychology and IT, he combines the hard and soft side of HR in projects. As an expert in the field of people analytics and talent strategy he is an advocate of data-driven insights in determining strategy. Rob has over 8 years of experience as consultant and project manager with many large organizations in the private and public sectors.

Before his time at Bright & Company, Rob worked at Deloitte, FCTB and LTP. Rob has a family with two daughters and is also a musician and avid film fan.


Thoughtful | Connecting| Creative

Ruurd Baane (1974) is an open and charismatic professional, a consultant through and through. His approach is marked by keeping a sharp analytical outlook, asking rigorous questions, setting up a proper dialogue, creating new insights and arriving at creative yet practical solutions. His focus areas are the translation of organisational strategy into people strategy, advising on HR optimisation, guiding HR professionals in their professional and personal development, and the cultural, leadership and behavioural aspects of New Ways of Working.

He worked for several years as an interim HR professional for various organisations. In addition, Ruurd is a successful speaker at conferences, seminars and training sessions, as well as a visiting lecturer at several universities. A true devotee of his profession, Ruurd greatly enjoys getting to the bottom of complex issues. He also publishes books, articles and columns in respected journals, often writing together with colleagues.

Ruurd has two children and enjoys walking, travelling, sports, reading and good food in his spare time.

Before becoming one of the co-founders of Bright & Company, Ruurd worked at KPMG Management Consulting and studied business administration and political science.