• Organisation Transformation

Mobilising people to move along in the direction of your strategic goals, intrinsically motivated and with the appropriate capabilities

It is hard to motivate people for something just because it is objectively the best, most logical or most rational option. People have a need to be seen and recognised. This explicitly calls for a relational approach to your organisation-transformation process in addition to a rational one.

What we do

We will cooperate with you closely to effectively realise the desired changes in your organisation. We support you to connect managers and employees to your strategic objectives and to convert these into concrete and visible results.

Which services do we offer

  • Supervision of teams: we supervise management and management teams in strengthening their mutual cooperation in relation to the substantive tasks facing the team and the organisation. The guiding coalition supports, inspires and gives direction to shaping the intended change.
  • Development of a compelling story: we help you to translate the business or people strategy into the compelling story that has meaning within the organisation. Employees are inspired to actively contribute to the realisation of the strategy in daily work.
  • Advise on increasing change capacity: how do you increase the chances of people moving along in complex organisational changes? How can you sustainably increase the change capacity of organisations? How do you ensure that your strategy comes to life and is converted into visible results? We are happy to support you with these issues.
  • Designing culture and leadership assignments: culture, as well as behaviour and leadership, are often critical success factors for successful realisation of the set strategic tasks. We help organisations to shape the development that is needed. If desired, we have access to partners who offer high-quality leadership training and coaching.
  • Program and change management: we guide organisations to successfully realise complex change tasks. Think of executing the strategic business or people tasks, where aspects such as supporting, inspiring, establishing connections between people and steering are crucial. This makes us the catalyst of the change process.
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"In addition to a rational approach, a relational approach is essential!"
The success of Organisation Transformation
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Organisation Transformation

G4 municipality

Broadly supported operations vision

Working together with the team of directors of operations, mutual trust and cooperation were reinforced, after which the multi-annual vision for operations for the entire municipality was drawn up.


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Organisation Transformation

International player in steam generating equipment

Set-up and supervision of strategy implementation programme, with large leadership focus

Supported the organisation in creating a support base for and operationalising the business strategy on all levels within the organisation. Worked on underlying themes including reinforcement of personal leadership, team development, setting up a change programme and fleshing out programme and change management roles.


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Realising your strategy

Organisation Transformation

Mobilising people to move along in the direction of your strategic goals, intrinsically motivated and with the appropriate capabilities


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