• Broadly supported operations vision

Reinforcement of cooperation aimed at a shared vision on operations within a “G4” municipality

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Assignment |Support the team of directors of operations in arriving at a shared vision on operations. In addition, increase mutual trust and improve cooperation.

Approach | We organised a two-day meeting with the team of directors of operations. Increasing openness en recognising each other were important topics. Difficult subjects were opened up. Personal interests, wishes and values were made clear. The client has indicated what they expect from operations in the future, from the perspective of the primary process. The developments within the municipal organisation were surveyed, serving as a basis for formulating the strategic goals of operations. After the two-day session, the goals were made more concrete and assessed with the responsible parties within the primary process. During workshop sessions the tasks necessary to realising the set goals were described. A programme was set up to realise the formulated tasks over the coming years, including a programme structure and governance model.

Business Impact | Openness and mutual trust within the team have been greatly enhanced. A common “dot on the horizon” has been defined for operations. This “dot” is regarded as useful and desirable by both clients and the directors of operations. It has been made concrete enough to fire the imagination and give aim to any choices to be made. A clear path has been drawn up for realising the goals set.

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Broadly supported operations vision

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