• HR Organisation Effectiveness

Has the HR function been played out? No! Is the way in which HR is currently organised finite? Yes!

The current structure of HR is based on a more than 20 year old model and has not changed substantially since. That is remarkable, because the environment in which HR operates does not stand still. The business context, the nature and scope of work, the way of organising and the demands made on (and by) employees and managers, are rapidly transforming.

What we do

We work together with you on the (further) development of your HR function from the belief that it must be able to 1) flexibly respond to a rapidly changing organisational context, and 2) create a balance between optimising human potential and delivering the ambitious organisational performance.

Which services do we offer

  • Assessment of HR: we use a structured approach to analyse how HR functions: quality, quantity and efficiency. We focus on four aspects: structure and control; occupation, competences and culture; HR processes and activities; HR IT and infrastructure.
  • Design of the HR function: in co-creation we develop new design principles. Based on these principles we will prepare the optimised HR service delivery model, including a detailed design of the future HR function and clarity about roles and responsibilities.
  • Change strategy and implementation: we support you in making an effective change and implementation approach to actually realise an optimised HR function. In addition, we offer (sometimes from within our network) 'hands-on' assistance with the actual realisation of the desired optimisation in the form of program management and interim solutions.
  • Innovation on substantive HR processes: inspired by state-of-the-art (scientific) insights we support you in the development and implementation of desired and required innovations in HR processes for your organisation.
  • Development of HR teams and professionals: through team coaching, individual coaching and tailor-made capability development programs, we offer you support in further professionalising your HR team.
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The success of HR Organisation Effectiveness
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HR Organisation Effectiveness

International business service provider (NL top 4)

Implementation of an optimum HR process

In intensive cooperation with the organisation’s HR professionals a survey was made of the HR processes as they were at the time. Bright & Company then identified the improvement points that would increase the HR department’s effectiveness and efficiency substantially on several levels. This expert advice was broadly supported by the HR department and was almost immediately implementable.


HR Organisation Effectiveness

Large Law firm

Optimising the HR Function and support in implementation of improvements

To anticipate on future developments, the organisation’s board found that the HR Function was required to work more efficiently and effectively. We performed our thorough screening which resulted in a practical optimalisation project, based on our expert findings and advice.


The approach and Solutions
of Bright & Company

Determine your direction

People Strategy

Successful organisations put their people first and work from there with a convincing vision and a future-oriented (HR) plan


Realising your strategy

Organisation Transformation

Mobilising people to move along in the direction of your strategic goals, intrinsically motivated and with the appropriate capabilities


Measure | Know | Predict

People Analytics

Deep insight into human capital provides better guidance towards achieving strategic objectives


Increasing HR Impact

HR Organisation Effectiveness

Has the HR function been played out? No! Is the way in which HR is currently organised finite? Yes!