• Implementation of an optimum HR process

  HR process optimisation at an international business service provider 

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Assignment | Support us in describing and optimising our HR processes in such a form that the advice will be supported by HR as much as possible and be practically implementable (immediately, where possible)

Approach| In cooperation with the organisation’s HR professionals a survey was made of all HR processes as they were being executed at the time by means of process workshops. After this, Bright & Company’s experts identified the “wastes” (hindrances to effectiveness/efficiency) on various levels, first in groups, then individually. Critically examined were, among other things, the use and functioning of support systems, the deployment of standardised working methods/formats, the logical sequence of actions within each process and the division of responsibilities for optimum process performance. On the basis of these findings, the experts then rewrote the processes, reducing waste as much as possible.

Business Impact | Thanks to a participative approach, the suggested improvements were broadly supported by the HR professionals within the organisation. New insights useful to optimisation (including insights into the organisation’s own actions, possibilities for using support systems, et cetera) were yielded early in the process, making it possible for the process actors involved to directly implement improvements. Thanks to the practical and detailed fleshing out of the improved processes, points for improvement could be implemented within the organisation directly.

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Implementation of an optimum HR process

In intensive cooperation with the organisation’s HR professionals a survey was made of the HR processes as they were at the time. Bright & Company then identified the improvement points that would increase the HR department’s effectiveness and efficiency substantially on several levels. This expert advice was broadly supported by the HR department and was almost immediately implementable.


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