• Support in developing the HR Analytics function

Execution of HR Analytics Pilots and reinforcing the HR Analytics Capability at a large bank.

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Request | Provide support in the development of an HR Analytics function; assist us in the set-up, management and control of a reliable HR data warehouse; in close coöperation with us: perform high-impact HR Analytics and teach our HR Business Partners the essence of HR Analytics and their roles & responsibilities in the bigger HR Analytics function.

Approach | Together with the management team it was determined which specific business areas were currently key priorities for the organisation’s succes, and which HR insights would assist in creating a stronger foundation for decision making on investments in Human Capital. About a dozen cases were identified and the required data warehouse was built and installed. The analysts of our partner iNostix performed advanced analysis on the data and documented insightful outcomes in high quality management reports. Also, a training was developed around getting the HR Business Partners acquainted with the HR Analytics process (typical steps and decisions), by using a custom made, interactive and real-life HR Analytics case.

Business Impact | The Business Impact of this project can be found in the suprising and often counter-intuitive insights about the impact of Human Capital on the banks business results. These insights are used by managers to improve decision making on investments in Human Capital (‘Now we know what buttons to push’). Moreover, Business Impact was accomplished by increasing the HR Analytical capability of the HR Business Partners, thereby strengthening their ability to support management in their decision making on Human Capital investments.

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Financiƫle dienstverlening
People Analytics

Large international bank

Development and improvement of the HR Analytics capability

Bright & Company’s analytics experts have determined the current and desired capabilities within various HR Analytics domains, in cooperation with its workforce analytics partner iNostix. Following that, a roadmap was drawn up containing expert advice regarding (viable) HR Analytics ambitions, practical steps to be taken and the preconditions necessary to attain them. In addition, key HR Analytics people within the organisation were provided with training programmes. Two HR Analytics pilots were done to indicate the impact of human capital on the business results.


People Analytics

Large Bank

Support in developing the HR Analytics function

Multiple HR Analytics Pilots were developed and executed in close coöperation with the client, with the purpose of better connecting HR and the business in achieving strategic goals. Included was the set-up of an integrated data warehouse, performing advanced analysis (pilots), as well as development and execution of an HR Analytics course for HR Business Partners.