• Richard Jongenotter

Richard Jongenotter (1971) has been working as an organisational consultant for more than 20 years. He specialises in successfully implementing changes in organisations, combining a rational approach with a relational approach. Examples of the kind of rational issues that Richard is often asked to work on are an accurate diagnosis, a clear (business) vision and strategy, the setting up of organisations and drawing up strategies for change.

In addition, Richard specialises in linking relational aspects to rational issues, such as team guidance, development of personal leadership competences and coaching management aimed at letting employees move along in the direction of the desired outcome. He does so in the capacity of advisor, trainer and mentor, often as programme or change manager.

His approach is squarely aimed at getting results. Richard holds a clear mirror up to his clients, motivating them for constructive behaviour. Personable and involved, he makes connections between people without losing sight of the optimum result. Richard works for (international) private and public organisations.

Richard’s sources of inspiration are many: travelling the African continent, photography, art and gardening. One day, he hopes to combine these inspirations with his work of guiding managers in their change tasks at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Richard is a managing partner at Bright & Company. He studied business administration in Nijmegen and completed a Master’s course in psycho-analysis at Human Quality Management in Ghent. He began his career in 1993 at KPMG Consulting. In 2003, KPMG Consulting was absorbed into Atos Consulting under the banner of Atos Origin. Until 2010, Richard was a partner of the People & Change advisory group there. In 2010 he switched to Bright & Company.