• Set-up and supervision of strategy implementation programme, with large leadership focus

Set-up and supervision of strategy implementation programme, with large leadership focus

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Assignment | Determining how to create a support base for the strategy within our organisation and how to translate it into everyday actions. The underlying questions were about reinforcing cooperation on and between the various management levels. Tightening the common strategy and strategic goals to be realised based on the needs of the market and employees. Inspiring the organisation with regard to the dot on the horizon and the road to get there. Translating the strategy into (renewed) every actions. Reinforcing personal leadership.

Approach | Bright & Company’s proven, effective vision on the human aspects of strategy implementation was followed in an incremental fashion. This approach consists of five steps, namely: 1. establishing a guiding coalition (investing in management’s commitment by means of, among other things, individual and group coaching), 2. drawing up a compelling story (the irresistible story that explains what is useful, desirable and necessary – not only from a strategic point of view, but also in the eyes of the people within the organisation and its clients), 3. cascading the strategy (translating the strategy into all layers of the organisation), 4. developing capabilities (working on the necessary knowledge and skills within all levels of the organisation), and 5. synchronising systems (ensuring that these provide sufficient support to the strategic initiatives). The choice was made to execute these steps in the context of an organisational renewal programme. Bright & Company fleshed out the overall direction and guidance of this programme.

Business Impact | A clear, well-supported course that is perceived as supporting everyday management and actions. The changes implemented based on the organisational renewal programme have yielded visible business results, such as increased productivity, a lower cost price, a higher commission hit rate and more employee engagement.

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Set-up and supervision of strategy implementation programme, with large leadership focus

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