• Recalibration and making feasible of the 2014-2018 HRM strategy

Supporting the recalibration and making feasible of an academic hospital’s 2014-2018 HRM strategy

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Assignment |Support the updating of the HRM strategy for the 2014-2018 period, enabling the HRM department to support the organisation’s research and medical tasks optimally with its activities, initiatives and projects. Support the HRM department in drawing up KPIs to monitor the progress on relevant targets and provide advice on the formation (capacity) and competences (quality) within the HRM department.

Approach | In the context of intensive cooperation with HRM professionals, the division board and executives a five-step programme was followed to incrementally translate the strategic corporate tasks into adjustments to the HRM agenda. Interviews, working sessions and documents provided input for expert advice on recalibrating the HRM strategy, including an activities calendar with KPIs and advice regarding the suitable formation and competences required for the result areas aimed at by HRM.

Business Impact |A tightened HRM strategy supported by management and the HRM department, based on the research/medical care tasks in the primary process for the 2014-2018 period, including: a translation of the corporate tasks into HRM tasks, activities and initiatives, operationalised in the form of individual and team agreements, projects and KPIs to be monitored. Concrete and practical insights into the requirements for HRM tasks in terms of capacity (formation) and quality (competence).

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Recalibration and making feasible of the 2014-2018 HRM strategy

The organisation wanted to update its 2014-2018 HRM strategy in order to optimally support its research and medical tasks. The result was a broadly supported HRM strategy including a translation of strategic tasks into a maximally efficient and effectively organised HRM agenda, plus expert advice on a suitable HRM formation that matches the result areas (also with regard to quality).