• Highly Recommended by Bright & Company June 2014

GE on the Future of Work, Culture change at Pixar, and more...

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The 'Highly Recommended by Bright & Company' of June 2014 is out! The selection of this month consists of the following articles and publications:

People Strategy
  • What does the Future of Work for production organisations look like according to GE? http://sco.lt/9FWXZ3
  • What are the latest trends on internet, mobile and technology? Find the answers in this 164 pages slide pack. http://sco.lt/71M35F
Organisation Transformation
  • What can managers learn from a  swarm of birds in relation to leadership? http://sco.lt/5PQw7N
  • Read how a new 'Sense of Purpose' led to a more open and creative work culture at Pixar. http://sco.lt/7LR8PB
Human Capital Analytics 
  • New research shows that algorithms beat instinct when it comes to recruitment. http://sco.lt/6fvIdF
  • Using metrics as a competitive advantage? Read what HR can learn from baseball (again). http://sco.lt/8aIIvB
HR Organisation Effectiveness

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Highly Recommended by Bright & Company June 2014

What does GE say about the Future of Work? What led to a culture change at animation studio Pixar? And what major baseball innovation (after Moneyball) is coming to HR? Click to read more.